Tennis National Championship Bid Form

Tennis National Championship Bid Form

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  • The NAIA Men's and Women's Tennis National championships are five-day events (Monday-Friday) held in Mid-May. The format for the Men's and Women's Tennis National Championships are in team format. 24 teams will compete in each of the championships, totaling 24 team. The National Championships will utilize a 3-6 format. Doubles matches will count as 1 point each. Those matches will be an 8 game pro set with 12 point tie breaker at 8 all. Single matches will be the best 2 out of 3 sets with a 12 point tiebreaker in any set that reaches 6 all.
    The following survey is for the purpose of obtaining important information from member institutions and/or community groups expressing an interest in hosting the NAIA Men's and Women's Tennis National Championships. Information received is used to evaluate facilities and local conditions for prospective host sites.
    Please complete this bid form as an official application to host the Men's and Women's Tennis National Championships. Please be advised that after appropriate site visits, a contract shall be offered to the selected site based upon the terms and conditions of this bid. If you have any questions relative to the completion of this bid or about the NAIA Men's and Women's Tennis National Championships, please contact:

  • NAIA National Office
    Department of Championships
    1200 Grand Blvd.
    Kansas City, MO 64106
    (816)595-8000 main
    (816)-5958200 fax



  • Statement/Acknowledgment of Event Policy
    The official name of the evEnt should be the NAIA Men's and Women's National Championships and must be conducted under the direct control and supervision of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA). The NAIA will approve the designation of the host site event chairperson and committees, who will work with the NAIA National Office staff manager in organizing and conducting the championship. the acceptance The acceptance of a bid and designation of a host site does not become official until an event contract has been executed between the host and the NAIA.


  • IV. INSTITUTIONAL DATA (If applicable)

  • V. Community Data

  • Facility Data: a minimum of 36 hard courts needed, but 48 is preferred

  • Indoor Facility Info


  • Tournament Income:
    Tournament Income shall be defined as all income derived by the host including but not limited to: ticket sales, program advertising, program sales, concession stand sales/commissions, honorary coach fees, public sale of banquet tickets, parking revenues, hotel rebates, entry fees and approved sponsorships/donations

  • Tournament Expenses:
    Tournament expenses authorized by the NAIA to be charged to the tournament budget include any items listed in the declaration of Authorized Expenses, except those marked complimentary or participant. Any other expenses must receive written approval by the NAIA in order to be charged as authorized expenses to the tournament budget.

  • Declaration of Authorized Expenses:
    Following is an outline of tournament expenses: Please indicate in the appropriate box next to each category whether the item would be:
    1. Complimentary (Provided at no charge to the event budget)
    2. Tournament (Item will be charged to event budget list projected amount)
    3. Participant (Item will be expense of participating institutions)



  • C. Game Personnel

  • Officials
    Provide travel, lodging, meals (30$ per diem) and game fees for a minimum of 16 USTA certified officials. At least one (1) roving umpire for every six (6) on the first three days of competition, chair umpire for all quarterfinal and semifinal matches and a full crew of seven (7) for each final. Game fees shall be at a rate not less than $70 on the first 3 days, $65 for days 4&5 and $60 for the final day.

  • D. Housing/Meetings

  • E. Miscellaneous


  • The selected option above will be included as part of the event contract once the host site has been selected by the NAIA.


  • NAIA National Office
    Department of Championships
    1200 Grand Blvd.
    Kansas City, MO 64106
    (816)595-8000 main
    (816) 595-8200 fax